KNX control according to plan.

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CONTROL R (Room Allocation Plan) is the automatic control for room allocation according to schedule.

Optional for the EIBPORT and pre-installed on the FACILITYMASTER, CONTROL R functions as a software module for the graphic display and control of individual rooms. Buildings with changing room occupancy, such as schools, conference rooms or hotels, benefit particularly from the CONTROL R concept. Unused rooms are set to ECO mode in accordance with the occupancy plan.

Multifunctional surface.

CONTROL R is part of the EIBPORT visualisation editor. All settings are made via a separate configuration mask. After successful configuration, the EIBPORT calculates all required time switching points for the defined period in advance.

¹ License is required.

+ CONTROL R prevents unnecessary energy consumption in unoccupied rooms.

+ Flexible integration into EIBPORT visualisation

+ Planning up to two years in advance

+ Make changes at any time

+ Calendar overview of the states

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  • 20562 – CONTROL R