The Intelligent Heating Control

Smart Home Heating Control

Smart heating control is ideal for ensuring optimal room climate while saving on heating costs. Modern and energy-efficient heating systems often use underfloor heating, which is slower in response due to its large surface area, but it distributes heat more evenly throughout the room. This makes it an ideal starting point for a smart home application in the field of heating control.


Central Control for Energy Saving and Heating

With BAB TECHNOLOGIE’s smart heating control, not only can energy be saved efficiently, but also living comfort is enhanced. Central control along with individual room regulation allows for precise adjustment of room temperature in the house or apartment based on user habits. Different operating modes (Comfort-Standby-Night) enable setting the target temperature for each room based on time and occupancy. The advantage: Temperatures can be automatically and cost-effectively regulated within a defined range.
To further optimize, the smart heating control records consumption data. This helps with analysis and thus further reduces heating costs. “Success monitoring” enables graphical representation of results and data storage.


Interaction with Other Trades and Systems

The interaction with trades and devices such as air conditioning or room fans is an important requirement for a smart heating application nowadays. Heating and air conditioning should be centrally controlled, preventing both from running simultaneously. This can be achieved, for example, through an application, ensuring efficient passive cooling or heating. Natural conditions and influencing factors, such as opening windows for cooling or using blinds to let sunlight in for heating (e.g., in winter), are deliberately utilized. Throughout the day, solar energy is harnessed for free heating, and in the evening, cool outside air is used to cool the rooms.


An important aspect is the communication between heating, smartphone, and the user. Notifications of malfunctions, the current operating status of the system, information about upcoming maintenance, or the stock of the energy source (e.g., pellets) keep the user informed. This can also be comfortably controlled remotely, ideal for a vacation home or when you have gone on vacation and forgot to adjust the heating. For example, if you’ve been looking forward to returning to a warm home after a winter vacation, you can start heating your home or apartment even before your departure.

Sensors Control Your Heating

Control can also be fully automatic based on the conditions of other sensors such as temperature sensors or humidity sensors. For example, your heating system can automatically turn off when you use your fireplace. To prevent frost damage to the building, an effective frost protection can be implemented using a Smart Home application. A weekly timer (with a holiday calendar) controls the heating precisely according to the need. Equally important are intelligent functions like the window contact sensor. If a window is opened, the heating automatically switches off. BAB TECHNOLOGIE devices handle the visualisation of all these conditions.

Intelligent Room Climate Overview

Optimal Room Temperature

Enjoy ideal warmth at any time of the day. Smart heating control ensures a comfortable temperature in every room for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Efficient Energy Use

Precise control through time scheduling and accurate data analysis reduces heating costs and enhances living comfort.

Effective Device Coordination

Intelligent control synchronizes heating and air conditioning for maximum efficiency and to avoid overlap.

Utilisation of Natural Resources

Optimize energy consumption by utilising sunlight as a free heat source, strategically opening windows for ventilation, and adapting devices based on external temperature.

Remote Control and Notifications

Remote control capability and notifications offer control from anywhere, ensuring a comfortable home environment.

Everything Automated!

Sensors enable automatic adjustments, such as turning off heating when windows are open and real-time response to factors like high CO2 or humidity levels.

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For smartphones and tablets, the CUBEVISION 2+ App is available in combination with an EIBPORT or CUBEVISIONMODULE. With an innovative user interface and an optimised interface, CUBEVISION 2 perfectly adapts to the needs of mobile devices. This allows you to control not only your heating but also all other Smart Home components in your building.