The Creative Tool for CONTROL L.

With the brand-new web-based COMPONENTBUILDER 2, you can create reusable visualization elements for CONTROL L. Whether it’s complex controls with multiple states, consumption displays, or smart multimedia controls, once created, you can easily use the scalable elements via drag and drop in the visualization editor.

Efficient Design and Dynamic Features

With COMPONENTBUILDER 2, you can fulfill your customers’ wishes. Each segment of a component can be equipped with individual functions, data point types, group addresses, and graphics. In addition, individual rules can be created for each segment to dynamically shape the respective functions or displays. An action, for example, will only be executed when the corresponding prerequisites are met.“COMPONENT BUILDER 2 is the ultimate tool for creating custom visualization elements for EIBPORT.”

COMPONENT BUILDER 2 — Available on EIBPORT Firmware 3.9.6 and Above

All the new features in the latest EIBPORT version for you at a glance:

  • Fully redesigned User Interface with customizable Dark Mode for efficient work
  • Brand-new COMPONENT BUILDER 2 for creating your own reusable visualization elements
  • Over 200 new data point types in the LOGIC EDITOR for even more flexibility in creating logic groups
  • Security and stability improvements, and more

Experience All the New Features with BAB STARTER 1.1.7

The BAB STARTER is your ultimate tool for easy integration and management of BAB products. Experience the new features and improved user interfaces by installing the firmware update for your EIBPORT and the latest update of BAB STARTER. Also, benefit from easy device connectivity, quick visualization startup, and detailed information.

With the Device Memory function, you have lightning-fast access to integrated devices at all times. And the best part? BAB STARTER is platform-independent and regularly updated to provide you with the latest features and enhancements. Download BAB STARTER today and expand the capabilities of your EIBPORT. This update is required to take advantage of the new features in EIBPORT.


Try it online now: Virtual EIBPORT

Use our new virtual EIBPORT. Simply reserve it, access it through the free “BAB STARTER” application, sign in, and start right away. Get familiar with the LOGICEDITOR, CUBEVISION, CONTROL L, as well as the visualization editor, showcase visualization examples, or optionally use the virtual EIBPORT for convenient, location- and system-independent project planning.

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