Smart Lighting Solutions

Situational Lighting and »Scenes«

Control all lights situationally with a button press (e.g., via wall switches or smart devices like smartphones or tablets) or by voice command, for example, with Amazon Alexa. For instance, when you want to dim the lights for a movie or desire emergency lighting at night. With self-programmed “light scenes,” you decide what you want to stage, giving each everyday situation a unique touch. And with “Tunable White” or RGB/RGBW LED lighting, you not only bring color to your home but also control the warmth of the white tone of your lights. With the DUO DMX Gateway, you can even set up light sequences with individual fading times, just like the pros.


Simulate Presence and Deter Break-Ins

To deter burglars, for instance, when you plan an extended absence (e.g., vacation or business trip), you can simulate presence. This can be easily achieved with time-based lighting or turning on the television. Additional security is provided by motion detectors in the garden or at the front door, which are also connected to your smart home and can send you a notification on your phone when motion is detected.


Precision Control with the LOGIKEDITOR

Take even smarter control of your lighting with Alexa and determine the brightness levels in your living spaces at specific times. For instance, our »LOGIKEDITOR« can distinguish through voice commands how much brightness you desire in each room at different times of the day.


Smart lighting that adapts to your location: The lights automatically turn off when you leave for work and back on when you return. Your home is connected to you at all times based on your smartphone’s GPS location.

Light Control via App

For smartphones and tablets, the CUBEVISION 2+ App is available in combination with an EIBPORT or CUBEVISIONMODULE. With an innovative user interface and optimised interface, CUBEVISION 2 adapts perfectly to the needs of mobile devices. Collapsible categories, automatic full screens, and a central menu bar make navigation and control of extensive smart homes particularly convenient.

Lighting control with the DUODMX GATEWAY – even without building automation
Control lights and scenes directly and conveniently with your smartphone using the “DUO DMX APP”. The smart home app can automatically connect to an existing KNX DMX DUODMX GATEWAY, providing immediate access to all connected lights. No additional settings need to be made in the app. You can intuitively change the colors of individual lights and scenes through the integrated control.

smart home systeme app

Intelligent Lighting Overview

Precise Light Design

Illuminate every situation with color, brightness, and tunable white. Fine-tuned dimming options and individual light scenarios at the touch of a button create atmospheric environments.

Protective Presence Simulation

Ensure security through presence: Automatic light control simulates your presence while you are away to deter potential intruders.

Geofencing Magic

Light that follows you: Your lighting adjusts automatically when you come or go based on your smartphone’s location.

Customised Time Control

Set the timing: Adjust lighting in different rooms based on the time of day and activities. Matching the current settings of your other systems.


Control at your fingertips: Easily adjust colors, brightness, times, and effects via a user-friendly app for a personalised lighting experience.

Voice Control

Just say it: Control your lighting with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and customise the light to your preferences.

Our Products for Lighting

Learn more about our products and gateways, as well as their applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

For smartphones and tablets, the CUBEVISION 2+ App is available in combination with an EIBPORT or CUBEVISION MODULE. With an innovative user interface and an optimised interface, CUBEVISION 2 perfectly adapts to the needs of mobile devices. This allows you to control not only your lights but also all other Smart Home components in your building.