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Welcome to
the future of
smart energy.

The energy transition is a shared task in which intelligent resource utilization plays a crucial role. With a Smart Home, people can actively contribute to it.
Individual energy management is based on relevant data – both from energy producers and consumers. However, different communication methods and manufacturers pose challenges. This is where smart energy management comes in, connecting them together.

Optimal Integration
of PV Energy

Thanks to open interfaces, photovoltaic systems can be seamlessly integrated into the intelligent building.
Self-produced electricity is used efficiently, and smart energy meters ensure precise control of power consumption. Discover how easy it is to monitor and control the energy flow in the app.

Next-Level Energy Management

Smart home intelligent energy management offers impressive opportunities in the field of photovoltaics and electromobility. Energy data and flows are transparent and visualized to identify weaknesses.

Energy distribution is intelligently controlled, ensuring that precious solar energy is used within the building rather than being unused and fed into the grid. The Energy Manager operates fully automatically to meet your needs, whether it’s starting your washing machine or charging your electric vehicle.

Intelligently Consume Energy
for Maximum Savings

The Energy Manager controls the smart distribution of energy, regardless of manufacturers. Excess energies are efficiently utilized instead of being wasted. Charge your electric vehicle with self-produced solar power and define the charging current individually. Utilize variable electricity prices to optimize your energy consumption and relieve the power grid.

Protection Against Overload

The energy management system continuously monitors the load in the building and protects against overloading the power connection. Priority consumers are disconnected when necessary to ensure safety and efficiency.

Optimal Energy Management with Artificial Intelligence

An AI-powered Energy Manager optimally utilizes PV energy. Depending on the yield, it distributes the energy and controls consumers that can be prioritized by the user. This helps optimize both the feed-in and consumption of energy from the public grid.

The AI predicts consumption and available energy for many hours in advance, ensuring that self-generated energy is used to the fullest. This makes usage more independent, saves costs, and benefits the environment.

BAFA – Funding Opportunities for a Sustainable Energy Future

Are you looking to learn more about funding opportunities in the field of energy? The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) offers a variety of funding programs to help you further optimize your smart energy management in your Smart Home. Find out how you can benefit from financial support and get inspired by the numerous possibilities to benefit from funding for environmentally friendly projects.

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