From Smart Home to Safe Home.

Feeling secure at home is a growing need for everyone, especially in turbulent times. A smart home can help make your home safer. Examples include presence simulation or automatic locking of doors and windows, which are simple but very effective. Even while you are at home, a smart home can make your daily life safer. Read on to learn how a smart home can turn your home into a safe haven.

No one at home. Or are they?

Presence simulations are a true classic in the field of security applications in the smart home. Imagine recording two weeks of your daily routine and replaying it when you go on vacation. Blinds are raised and lowered, music is played sporadically, and lights are turned on and off in different rooms, just as if you were at home. Sounds simple? It is! Of course, specific areas, such as heating, are excluded to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Kids Home Alone? But Safe!

If your kids come home alone after school, they can easily open the door with their finger. A key is not necessary, so it can’t be lost either. At the same time, the pool cover is closed, the utility room is locked, and the kitchen stove is deactivated to ensure that nothing unwanted can happen. And if needed, even the entertainment electronics are deactivated until homework is done!

At Home Anywhere.

One of the most important features of a smart home is undoubtedly remote access. Assuming an internet connection, you have access to your home from anywhere in the world. Open the door remotely to allow delivery people or craftsmen access, or simply check what’s happening in the garden. And if you have guests during your absence, you even have the ability to control all the functions of your smart home from your smartphone. Of course, you can also receive notifications about all activities in the house.

An Alarm System with a Twist.

Nothing replaces a professional alarm system when it comes to burglary protection. But what if you don’t have one yet? A smart home can help protect your home and trigger an alarm if someone tries to gain unauthorized access. The lights throughout the building are turned on. An alarm announcement, audible even to the neighbors, is played through the multi-room speakers, and you and other individuals are notified about the alarm on your smartphones.

Independent Living.

We all want to live independently and responsibly for as long as possible. A smart home can help make this life stage longer and safer. For example, automatic shutdown of unused electrical appliances helps prevent accidents, or an SOS button makes you feel safer more easily. Automations, voice control, and customized visualizations make it easier for people with physical or cognitive limitations to access technology in their environment.

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