Highlights in LINKMODULE: KNX address mapping for largescale systems  –  Encrypted property connection  –  Coupling also via the Internet  –  KNX IP router functionality

KNX IP Router functionality

The LINKMODULE is a special IP router. It connects properties with KNX or EnOcean systems via intranet or internet. Fast and uncomplicated thanks to BAB system coupling, safe thanks to BAB SECURELINK.


With the LINKMODULE you connect remote KNX or EnOcean systems via a network or the Internet. Simple and safe. BAB SECURELINK (a special VPN connection) is used for transmission between the communication partners and serves as the basis for system coupling. A SECURELINK connection can be established in just a few steps. The complex configuration of VPN parameters is a thing of the past. Via BAB SECURELINK you do not only connect other LINKMODULEs, but also existing EIBPORTs and FACILITYMASTERs. The integrated address mapping provides a simple remedy in case of address overlaps. The LINKMODULE is available with KNX/TP interface or EnOcean radio antenna. In conjunction with the integrated KNXnet/IP server, the device also serves as a KNXnet/IP router, interface for the KNX commissioning software ETS, or gateway between EnOcean and KNXnet/IP.

The especially secure BAB SECURELINK connection based on SSL-VPN technology does not require any complicated setup. The required connection data is determined automatically, you only have to activate the connection. By using four-digit key lengths, it meets the highest security requirements. Once a connection has been established, it is tap-proof.


Whether KNX, EnOcean or hybrid installation: the LINKMODULE is available with either a KNX or EnOcean interface and can be used flexibly. A KNX IP router and the BAB system coupling are available in both variants. As with all gateways from BAB TECHNOLOGIE, the configuration of the LINKMODULE is web-based and license-free. All you need for configuration is a PC and a current web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari.


With the help of BAB SECURELINK and our proven system coupling the device connects remote system parts to existing BAB devices in no time at all. All that is required is network communication – for example via the Internet – between the devices. Overlapping of group addresses is avoided by address mapping.


Use the integrated KNX IP router functionality of the LINKMODULE. This makes a separate device in the installation unnecessary. It can also be used as an interface to ETS or as a gateway between EnOcean and KNXnet/IP.



The FACILITYMASTER with a central visualisation is installed in the administration centre. The properties that do not require their own intelligence are simply linked to the headquarters via the Internet with the help of the LINKMODULE and BAB SECURELINK. Thanks to encryption, the data can be transmitted over a public network without hesitation.

In this example, the goal is to connect a remote system with potential address overlaps (both systems have e. g. the group address 1/0/1) to a larger system via the Internet. Thanks to the integrated address mapping function, the system is connected – with the aid of simple rules – without address overlaps.

Art. No.

  • 13551 – LINKMODULE EnOcean


Technical Data

    • Operating voltage: 12–32 V DC
    • Typical power consumption 300 mA at 12 V DC
    • Power consumption: <= 5 W
    • Connection: screw-type plug-in terminal
    • Climate resistant: EN 50090-2-2
    • Ambient temperature: –5 to + 35 °C
    • Relative humidity (non-condensing): 5 % to 80 %.


Mechanical data

    • Mounting: MDRC 4 MW
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm: 72 x 90 x 63
    • Housing: Plastic
    • Protection class: IP20 (according to EN 60529)

Interfaces (depending on variant)

    • Ethernet: RJ45 socket
    • KNX: Twisted Pair via screw plug terminal block
    • EnOcean: external SMA antenna


EnOcean specifications

    • Operating frequency: 868.3 Mhz
    • Range: 300m outdoors / 30m indoors (construction material dependent)
    • Input objects: Any number of
    • Output objects: 128
    • External antenna: 2.50 m cable, magnetic base and SMA plug


Special features

    • BAB facility coupling with address mapping
The LINKMODULE cannot be updated. Contact the BAB TECHNOLOGIE Support with a description of the error and a Remote Support ID. We will be glad to help you further.