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Welcome to the future of living: With Smart Home Apps, you reach a new level of connectivity and control in your home. Discover how these innovative applications can forever change the way you use your devices.

With “KNX Connect for Panasonic TV”, you can even control your Smart Home with your TV remote control. © Panasonic

The Magic of Connectivity: What Are Smart Home Apps?

In the age of advancing connectivity, everyday devices like TVs, LED lights, and sound systems are transforming into “smart” devices. However, these technologies often operate in isolation from each other. This is where Smart Home Apps come into play. They are intelligent applications that enable you to connect and seamlessly control these different devices. The innovative APPMODULE acts as the central interface, connecting to technologies like KNX, EnOcean, and even between the devices themselves. With Smart Home Apps, your home becomes an intelligent ecosystem where everything communicates and collaborates.

Unlimited Possibilities with Smart Home Apps

The combination of technologies like KNX, EnOcean, and Smart Home Apps opens up a universe of unlimited possibilities. You can not only integrate various IoT devices into your building automation but also customize your preferences individually.
The BAB APP MARKET offers a variety of apps that allow you to tailor your home to your needs. From integrating multimedia products to advanced features like remote control via smartphone interfaces, your Smart Home becomes an intelligent environment customized just for you. Explore the potentials of seamless connectivity enabled by the APPMODULE and Smart Home Apps.

Simplified Control with the APPMODULE

The APPMODULE ushers in a new era of connected living space design. It enables seamless integration of leading Smart Home Apps such as Amazon Alexa, SONOS, Philips hue, and many more. These apps are installed on the APPMODULE and offer you direct control over a variety of IoT devices and services.
You can optimize your environment with a single application – control your KNX lighting with voice commands or start your favorite music with the touch of a button. With the ever-expanding offerings in the BAB APP MARKET, you have access to intelligent presence simulations and much more to elevate your living quality to a new level.

Come Together – Your Complete Smart Home Under One Roof

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Integrate your Panasonic TV into Smarthome scenes – at the touch of a button, for example, the blinds are lowered, the ambient lighting is activated and the TV is switched on with the desired source selection and volume.  You can now even control KNX components or scenes with the Panasonic remote control.

Connect your Nuki Smart Lock with the KNX and EnOcean world and additionally control the convenient functions via your existing visualisation or any push button sensors! Use information like the locking status in logics or integrate locking and unlocking in scenes.

Integrate door intercoms from DoorBird into your KNX or EnOcean building automation. DoorBird door stations are easy to install and can be used with your existing infrastructure. Use DoorBird’s functions in scenes, visualisations and automations.

Connect your Philips® hue Bridge to KNX and get access to all connected Philips hue lights from home automation. The simple authorisation process makes integration particularly easy. A special feature are the 50 freely definable “alerts” that inform you about selected conditions via your hue lights (e.g. “Light Red” when the doorbell rings).

Clear, detailed sound in the usual superior Bluesound quality. The »Bluesound Connect« app makes it easy to connect your Bluesound system to the KNX system. This not only allows the control to be fully integrated into the visualisation, but also the combination with other services or the simple control via KNX buttons.

You can now control the IP8 and IP4 IP switch actuators from Rutenbeck with the attractive portfolio of KNX push-button sensors. With the right app, you can of course also control Rutenbeck products with Amazon and Google voice assistants or use web services such as IFTTT.

Connect your Denon® HEOS devices to the KNX or EnOcean world! Via WLAN you can enjoy the top sound from Denon® in all rooms. All HEOS devices can also be integrated into scenes with extensive functions. HEOS is a high-quality wireless music system with support for many streaming services and local network streaming.

Up to 50 SONOS® components: “PLAY” enables the simple connection of your SONOS® music system to the KNX system. This not only allows the control to be fully integrated into the visualisation, but also makes it easy to combine it with other services or to control it simply via KNX push-buttons.

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