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Multiroom Audio and Automatic Playback – Anytime, Anywhere

Multiroom audio systems enable automatic playback of your music in every room at any desired time. Imagine your favorite wake-up music gently playing in the bedroom or bathroom, offering you a perfect start to the day. Flexible room groupings and music selections are possible at any time and can be easily set up through visualisation. Many special features are possible, such as automatic playback stopping thanks to an adjustable timer.
Additionally, combine various smart home audio technologies with your lighting to create the ideal ambiance along with your favorite playlist when waking up or going to sleep.</vc_column_text]


Control and Playback – Manual, via App, or Through Scenes

With BAB TECHNOLOGIE, you have full control over playback. For example, create scenes to start your favorite radio station with the right lighting and volume in the kitchen in the morning. When you leave your home, the music is automatically stopped along with the lights, shading, or heating.
The volume is automatically reduced when the doorbell rings, and you can set times when the volume is limited, such as during the night. Define individual voice messages, which can be played through the speakers, for example, when the doorbell rings. Additionally, you can specify that no music should be played in the children’s room after a certain time.
Of course, you can also manually control the music, e.g., via wall switches. In terms of security, your speakers throughout the house can serve as a burglary alarm and deter potential intruders.</vc_column_text]


Retrofit, Visualisation, and Integration into Your Smart Home

If your home is not yet prepared for audio control, and you don’t have speaker cables in place, it’s not a problem nowadays. If needed, you can integrate audio control retroactively using the APPMODULE. Streaming clients like Sonos, HEOS, or Bluesound can be easily integrated and controlled over your LAN or Wi-Fi. Battery-powered devices, such as those from Sonos, offer completely wireless options.

For volume control and music playback, you can use the Smart Home visualisation CUBEVISION 2 from BAB TECHNOLOGIE. Visualisation is done conveniently through the app on your smartphone. You also have the advantage of being able to control your entire Smart Home from the visualisation, using only one app.
With the APPMODULE, you can connect the entire audio world with KNX components, such as Amazon Alexa, Sonos, or HEOS. You only need the appropriate Smart Home app on the APPMODULE, and once integrated, you can control everything plug & play with just one application.</vc_column_text]


Smart Audio Control Overview

Multiroom Audio

Listen to your favorite music in every room simultaneously or individually, perfectly synchronized, and with unmatched sound quality.

Time-Based Music Control

Start your day with your favorite music: program automatic playback times, such as waking up gently in the morning.

Voice Control

Control your music effortlessly with your voice: use voice assistants like Alexa to manage your audio playback seamlessly.

Connected Devices

Seamlessly combine audio control with other smart home devices: integrate lighting, shading, and more for a comprehensive experience.

Personal Listening Experience

Experience music in your own space: enjoy individual playlists or radio content through your preferred speakers.

App Control

Easily customise audio playback through an intuitive app: control volume, playback, and more directly from your smartphone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For smartphones and tablets, the CUBEVISION 2+ App is available in combination with an EIBPORT or CUBEVISIONMODULE. With an innovative user interface and optimised design, CUBEVISION 2 perfectly suits the needs of mobile devices. You can control not only your music but also all other smart home components in your building using this app.

Not just for music: With the APPMODULE, you can effortlessly connect the entire world of IoT with KNX, EnOcean, and Easywave. Whether it’s SONOS, HEOS, Bluesound, Philips hue, ekey, Mennekes, Panasonic, or DoorBird, install the appropriate smart home app on the APPMODULE and get started. It’s easy and uncomplicated. Once integrated, you can control IoT devices with any KNX or EnOcean components – and vice versa. Start your favorite songs with a wall switch, or control your KNX lighting with Amazon Alexa.

Learn more about the APPMODULE here

audio knx

Certainly! Multiroom audio control with local operation through KNX sensors or a central building visualisation becomes a breeze with the compact AUDIOMDOULE, which is just four modular units in size. Built securely into the installation distributor to prevent theft and tampering, it is perfect for use in commercial properties such as hotels and publicly accessible areas. With or without KNX integration, the AUDIOMODULE is also suitable as a standalone sound server for properties with only one music zone. Easily connect external audio sources such as CD players or televisions via the analog input with automatic source switching. AUDIOMODULEs can be integrated into the CUBEVISION visualisation with just one click.

Learn more about the AUDIOMODULE here