smart home systeme app

DMX KNX – Lighting control with the DUODMX GATEWAY – possible even without building automation:

With the «DUO DMX APP» you can control luminaires and scenes directly and conveniently with your smartphone. If desired, the app connects automatically to an existing DMX KNX DUODMX GATEWAY and provides immediate access to all connected luminaires. No additional settings need to be made inside the Smart Home App. You intuitively change the colours of individual luminaires and scenes using the integrated control. With the «Favourites» function, your favourite colours are directly available to you at any point. With «Moods» you can transfer colour impressions from your own photos directly to your lights. To do this, select a photo in the App and specify the colour ranges to be used. Colours can be used as sequences with adjustable speed or as single dyes.


The DUO DMX APP is available for iOS® and Android®.

A DUODMX GATEWAY is required to use the »DUO DMX APP«.