Highlights in the AUDIOAMP: Class D amplifier – 2 x 50 Watt output power – High quality DSP – jack socket

AUDIOAMP. The perfect audio amplifier for distribution boards.


The AUDIOAMP is a highly efficient audio amplifier with 2 x 50 Watt output power. As a series installation device (REG) for top-hat rail mounting, the Class D amplifier with additionally integrated, digital sound processor (DSP) is also the optimal supplement for our Audio Server. With a 3.5 mm jack socket, the AUDIOAMP offers an uncomplicated and flexible audio input. For even more power, simply connect additional amplifiers via the additional audio output. Change the amplifier power or control the mute function via two potential-free inputs directly on the AUDIOAMP. Audio KNX: The inputs can be controlled locally via a simple double push-button (louder/quieter) or remotely via an additional KNX binary output. You can also change the initial amplifier output of the AUDIOAMP via the front buttons and save this as the switch-on volume if required. An auto-standby function automatically switches the AUDIOAMP to sleep mode as soon as there is no audio signal at the input.


The AUDIOMODULE uses its internal Logitech Media Server and works independently.
In this case, the audio signal is transmitted via LINE OUT to the first AUDIOAMP in order to use the increased power of the AUDIOAMP (2*50W@4Ohm).
Due to the existing LINE output, further AUDIOAMPs (maximum 4) are connected downstream in order to operate all 10 loudspeakers with 50W each at 4Ohm in this range.