New: Up to 16 intercom units  –  Client and Server mode

The INTERCOMMODULE allows full integration of the video door intercom into the building visualisation.


The INTERCOMMODULE establishes the connection between an IP-capable video door phone system and the building automation. Together with the EIBPORT or the CUBEVISIONMODULE it is possible to display the sound and image of a video door intercom system within the visualisation. Integrated functions for opening the door or switching on the lighting offer the usual comfort of a contemporary IP door intercom. This makes a separate indoor station superfluous. Use the option to receive the door intercom on smartphone, tablet or PC. For use without building automation, the optionally available CONTROL T 2 software is available. With it, you can turn your Windows PC or Mac into an indoor intercom station for your door communication system.

The INTERCOMMODULE is intended for use in small systems and can support up to 16 door stations and 16 in-house stations.

It does not matter whether the video door station is a SIP server or a SIP client. A SIP server is, for example, ABB Welcome. The ABB Welcome has an IP gateway (83342) that acts as a server. Other Intercom systems such as DoorBird or 2N act as clients. The INTERCOMMODULE automatically adapts to these circumstances without further intervention.

Currently “Client Mode” supported video door intercoms:

DoorBird, 2N, AGFEO, Mobotix, Akuvox, Comelit

Currently “Server Mode” supported video door intercoms:

ABB/Busch-Jaeger Welcome in combination with INTERCOM IP Gateway 83342, Siedle in combination with Smart Gateway SG150

The INTERCOMMODULE supports different SIP topologies and login procedures:

  • intercom systems without gateway with anonymous login, e.g. DoorBird, 2N, Comelit
  • intercom systems without gateway with active registration, e.g. AGFEO, AKUVOX, Mobotix
  • intercom systems with gateway, e.g. ABB Welcome. Siedle


The integration of the video door intercom into our visualisations is very easy:

  1. generate and copy token in INTERCOMMODULE
  2. Insert into the corresponding visualisation element

This establishes the connection to the outstation.


The INTERCOMMODULE is set up in only 3 steps:

  • Select and name the front-door station and enter access data
  • name internal stations and enter access data
  • assign call buttons to the in-house stations


The INTERCOMMODULE is connected to the IP gateway 83342 via LAN. It prepares the video and audio data for use with a web browser. This allows a touch panel PC (e.g: with CONTROL T) to be used as an indoor call station. In the same way, the functions provided by the INTERCOMMODULE can be used as a visualisation using CONTROL L or CUBEVISION 2. Door communication thus becomes an integrated part of the building visualisation.

No proper call setup takes place. The microphone and the speakers must be connected for the audio codec to be negotiated.