Smart Shading Solutions

Manual Shutter Control

Our visualization offers you the option to control all blinds or shutters either manually through switches, via the app, or within the visualization itself, either in groups or all shading components together. The shutters can also be easily controlled by voice command (e.g., Alexa).


Automate for More Comfort

With the help of the astroclock, you can conveniently and seasonally automatically lower your roller shutters after sunrise or raise them at sunrise.
Closed shutters at night provide even more privacy to the outside and security against burglars. In the morning, raised shutters provide comfortable waking with the influx of light. Integration into smart home scenes gives you even more flexibility, such as closing the slats in cinema mode or raising all shutters for window cleaning.


Optimal Sun Protection with Louver Tracking

Ideally, sun protection should only be at the windows that are currently exposed to the sun.
With louver tracking to the sun’s position, you are always on the right side. Depending on the time of day and season, the sun shines at different angles on the windows. For example, at noon, the sun is high in the sky in the south. In this case, a horizontal louver position would be optimal. Direct sunlight is prevented, but the brightness of the day enters the interior. In the afternoon, when the sun is lower in the west again, a vertical louver alignment is ideal. Aligning the louvers significantly increases the energy efficiency of the building. Especially in air-conditioned rooms, shading can be beneficial for cooling. By aligning the louvers in relation to tilted windows, open doors, or when ventilating the building, heating is also more efficient, and solar energy is effectively utilized as heat.

Emergency Protection for Your Shading System

The safety of your awning or blinds is also paramount: Sensors enable effective storm protection, automatically raising the roller shutters or blinds depending on wind speed or a storm warning.

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Intelligent Shading Overview

Precise Sun Protection

Regulate the room climate as desired: Control blinds and shutters manually or automatically to reduce glaring light and maintain a comfortable room temperature.

Your Home Stays Private

Create protected retreats: Intelligent shading not only provides comfort but also protects against prying eyes and enhances security.

Follow the Sun’s Path

Automatic adjustment to the sun’s position: Always enjoy the optimal level of natural light and shade for a cozy room ambiance. Automatically reduce your energy costs in the process.

Automated Time Control

Raise at sunrise, lower at sunset: Intelligent shading adapts to the times of day and enhances your living comfort.

Convenient App Control

Keep control in your hands: Adjust shading with the app, create custom scenes, and optimize room lighting to your needs.

Smart Storm Protection

Your safety is a top priority: Sensors detect strong winds and automatically raise the shutters to protect your property and home.

Our Products for Shading

Learn more about our products and gateways, as well as their applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

For smartphones and tablets, the CUBEVISION 2+ App is available in combination with an EIBPORT or CUBEVISIONMODULE. With an innovative user interface and optimized interface, CUBEVISION 2 is perfectly tailored to the needs of mobile devices. This allows you to control not only your blinds but also all other smart home components in your building.