The »ekey KNX Connect« app

Now connect ekey fingerprints to numerous manufacturers and applications with the brand new smart home app »ekey KNX Connect«. There are no limits to the possible applications: Use the ekey fingerprint to control the Nuki Smart Lock, activate the DoorBird camera or switch a wireless actuator from Eltako and much more. So “personal events” triggered by the fingerprint become part of your Smart Home.

The app supports the ekey protocols “Multi” and “Net V2”. In addition to the configuration of up to 125 users, user groups and functions, it offers many interesting expansion options for Smart Home and Smart Building.

© ekey biometric systems

Application examples for your smart home

»Coming Home« Event

Finally a relaxed start to the end of the day! You come home and with just one finger the door opens, the shutters go up, the lights come on and the alarm system is deactivated.

»Security and surveillance« Event

When an unregistered finger is detected on the fingerprint, the camera automatically switches on. In the event of repeated operation or tampering, an alarm is even set off if desired.

»Holiday« Event

Standing at the door with your suitcases packed? Leave your key to your friends – you always have your finger with you. With the ekey fingerprint, you can also lower all the blinds, switch off the lights and activate the alarm system on request.

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