KEBA® charging stations stand for simple and safe charging of electric vehicles. With »KEBA KNX Connect«, the intelligent wallboxes KeContact P30 of the C-series and X-series can be integrated into the Smart Home in no time at all.

The »KEBA KNX Connect« App at a glance:

  • Compatible with KeContact P30 C-Series and X-Series
  • Transfer charging information easily into the Smart Home
  • Transfer detailed troubleshooting information to KNX
  • Control charging process via KNX
  • Set defined energy quantities for charging processes
  • Support of up to 5 stations (Pro version)

Smart Energy Management

Cross-system and dynamic

Which scenarios make sense and what is desired? Energy management is an individual process. However, the basis for this is always the availability of the relevant data. From producers and from consumers. Since in reality this often comes from different manufacturers and devices and they communicate in different ways, the APPMODULE helps to understand them and thus make smart energy management possible. In addition to KEBA products, you can also integrate products from Mennekes, Kostal and Fronius with the APPMODULE in the future.

Here you will find some examples:

Dynamic surplus charging

The PV surplus is measured in real time and made available to the vehicle instead of feeding it into the grid at unfavourable conditions.

Local Blackout Protection

Many charging stations already offer local blackout protection. In order to make this scenario cross-system, the APPMODULE offers the possibility to connect different systems such as inverters, smart meters and consumers via KNX.

Energy Monitor

Knowing where and how much energy is consumed is essential. Both for automated energy management and for users. The APPMODULE helps you to provide and use this data across systems.

IoT & Energy

How about a few tips on how to save energy? With the APPMODULE, you can of course link IoT components with energy data. If your energy consumption is too high, for example, you can receive an acoustic signal on your smart speaker or a visual signal from Philips® hue lights.

Your complete Smart Home under one roof

With the APPMODULE, you can easily connect the entire IoT world with KNX and EnOcean.

Whether TV, multi-room system or LED lights – more and more everyday objects are becoming «smart». However, these systems are often self-contained. The APPMODULE brings them all under one roof and connects them with KNX, EnOcean and each other.

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