Time-Based Automation at the Highest Level – The “Autotimer” App Makes It Possible!Get Ready for a Game Changer from the BAB APP MARKET

Get ready for an exciting innovation from the BAB APP MARKET – the Autotimer App. Use eight different timer types for a wide range of tasks. With “Autotimer Pro”, you can even control events in your facility through a Google®, Apple®, or Exchange calendar from anywhere in the world!
Smart features like the second KNX output, pre- and post-run cycles, or the schedule monitor make this Smart Home App a true Smart Home highlight!

Timer Types

“Autotimer” and “Autotimer Pro” offer the right timer type for every application:

• Timer
• Weekly Timer
• Yearly Timer
• Holiday Timer

• Astro Timer
• iCal-Based Timer
• Day/Night Timer
• KNX Timer

App Highlights

Online Calendar Integration

Schedule automatic actions based on the ICS format and events in your calendar, such as Outlook. Have your lighting and ventilation turn on as soon as you have an important meeting or regulate your heating while you’re on business trips.

Country-Specific Holidays

With the Autotimer App, you can adapt schedules to country-specific holidays. Enjoy maximum customization with the innovative holiday timer, which overrides your regular weekly schedule. Automatic controls on special days enhance comfort and security in your building.

Versatile Timers

The Autotimer App offers you the flexibility to use various timer types and create individual schedules. You can set timers for specific times of the day, weeks, and even the entire year. Whether it’s lighting, heating, or other devices, the Autotimer App is your reliable companion.

Easy Configuration

The Autotimer App impresses with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set schedules and conditions. With intuitive configuration options, you’ll have your building automation perfectly tuned in no time.

New Use Cases with iCal-Based Calendars

School Holidays

Holiday planning has never been so convenient! Using an iCal-based timer, you can easily integrate the holiday calendars from schulferien.org. This timer controls a group address that puts the building in standby mode. This deactivates automatic shading, for example, or regulates the heating system to an energy-efficient minimum to save energy.


The timer takes control of your technology – projectors, conference computers, and more. It switches these devices to standby mode based on your calendar, for example, 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting and again 30 minutes after the meeting ends. The pre-run cycle activates the underfloor heating 120 minutes before the meeting, ensuring a perfectly temperate room. The post-run cycle conserves energy by automatically turning off the underfloor heating after the meeting ends.

The “Autotimer” App in the BAB APP MARKET

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Your Complete Smart Home Under One Roof

With the APPMODULE, You Can Easily Connect the Entire IoT World with KNX, EnOcean, & Easywave

Whether it’s TV, multi-room systems, or LED lights – more and more everyday items are becoming “smart.” However, these systems are often closed off from each other. The APPMODULE brings them all under one roof and connects them with KNX, EnOcean, Easywave, and each other.

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