Integrate up to 10 TV sets with »KNX Connect Pro for Panasonic TV« 

With our new version of the Connect Pro Smart Home App you can now integrate up to 10 Panasonic TVs, display text messages and IP camera streams on your Smart TV and trigger KNX Smart Home commands easily with your TV remote control. More information and the official press release on the Panasonic website:

Available configuration parameters of the Smart Home App »KNX Connect Pro for Panasonic TV«

Basic functions

  • TV Switch on / off
  • channel forward/backward
  • set channel


Volume control

  • tone on/off
  • Request sound status
  • increase/reduce volume
  • set volume value
  • query volume value


TV modes

  • LastView mode
  • receive types

TV inputs

  • Inputs AV and Component
  • HDMI inputs



Media control

  • start/pause media
  • stop media
  • Media forward/rewind
  • skip media forward/backward



Display of contents

  • Text displays (Incl. HbbTV keys configuration)
  • Video displays

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