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Secure remote access with the HOOC Plug & Play VPN

Discover now our new Plug & Play VPN solutions for secure remote access without port forwarding and fixed IP addresses. The integrated VPN solution eliminates the need to purchase and install costly additional hardware. The HOOC CONNECT E Gateway in the EIBPORT (from firmware version 3.9.0) connects to the HOOC Cloud via an encrypted and secured VPN connection. It forms the heart of the HOOC VPN solution and, in addition to extensive user administration, offers many additional features such as a KNX bus monitor or alarm messages with push function.

No complex router configuration

Ready to use in 10 minutes.

Complicated setup steps such as port forwarding, certificate management and DynDNS services are a thing of the past. Simply connect your end device and the HOOC portal.

No additional hardware required

VPN gateway on board.

The integrated HOOC CONNECT E gateway turns the EIBPORT V3 into a fully-fledged VPN solution. This saves time, costs and space in the distribution board.

Visualisation, remote maintenance and programming

Ready for all tasks.

Worldwide access to Smart Home visualisations, remote maintenance or KNX programming via the ETS – secure and uncomplicated.

Save the date: 24.06.2021, 16:00:

Live webcast with HOOC & BAB TECHNOLOGIE

Smarter together: secure remote access with the HOOC Plug & Play VPN in the EIBPORT

Daniel Berchthold (HOOC AG) and Jörg Eschke (BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH) present the brand new Plug & Play VPN solutions for secure remote access without port forwarding and fixed IP addresses. Switch on. Log in. Get started: In an exciting 60 minutes, the Smart Home experts will show you how easy it is to set up remote access with HOOC and the EIBPORT. Look forward to many first-hand tips and application examples on the topics of remote programming with the ETS, Smart Home visualisation and management of customer installations. Register now. The number of participants is limited to 100.

License packages

Stay connected to your home with our Lifetime packages. No matter where it is. With no recurring charges.


Don’t miss out on this great offer and order our premium license for unlimited remote access right here.


Our Lifetime Professional license provides professionals with remote access and many more features for KNX monitoring, as well as intelligent alarm rules.

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