»Panasonic Connect« App now available.

The seamless KNX connection with “Panasonic Connect” enables the control of TV sets with all Smarthome components such as wall buttons and building visualisations. In addition to the basic functions such as switching on and off, volume control or channel selection, it is also possible to switch TV inputs via KNX commands. This makes it possible to integrate a TV set into entire Smarthome scenarios. At the push of a button, the blinds are lowered, the ambient lighting is activated and the television is switched on with the desired source selection and volume.


  • Wake-on-Lan support
  • Many compatible TV sets
    2015: All series except: CS600, CS500, CS510, CS520
    2016: All series except: DS400, DS500, DS600
    2017: All series
    2018: All series
    2019: FS (all), GX (all >= 800) and GZ (all)

This app is a third party product. It is not affiliated in any way with Panasonic.
This Smart Home App may be used in conjunction with third-party products or services. The respective manufacturer is responsible for data protection.

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