Smart screens

Control IoT and KNX devices in just one app?

No problem with the APPMODULE and the free «Smart Screens» visualisation.

This is how easy smart is –
IoT control in the blink of an eye

Whether Philips® hue, Panasonic®, Sonos, Nuki or DoorBird: Control many Smart Home Apps installed on the APPMODULE directly with your smartphone – without any additional hardware. Download the «Smart Screens» visualisation from the Apple AppStore® or from Google® Play free of charge and connect your smartphone to the APPMODULE. Create your first smart screen in just a few minutes and individually combine the functions of different products. Now you control various IoT and KNX components in only one interface.

Integrate your Panasonic TV into Smarthome scenes – at the touch of a button, for example, the blinds are lowered, the ambient lighting is activated and the TV is switched on with the desired source selection and volume.  You can now even control KNX components or scenes with the Panasonic remote control.

Connect your Nuki Smart Lock with the KNX and EnOcean world and additionally control the convenient functions via your existing visualisation or any push button sensors! Use information like the locking status in logics or integrate locking and unlocking in scenes.

Integrate door intercoms from DoorBird into your KNX or EnOcean building automation. DoorBird door stations are easy to install and can be used with your existing infrastructure. It is just as easy to integrate them into your existing building control system based on KNX or EnOcean. Use DoorBird’s functions in scenes, visualisations and automations.

Connect your Philips® hue Bridge to KNX and get access to all connected Philips hue lights from home automation. The simple authorisation process makes integration particularly easy. A special feature are the 50 freely definable “alerts” that inform you about selected conditions via your hue lights (e.g. “Light Red” when the doorbell rings).

Clear, detailed sound in the usual superior Bluesound quality. The “Bluesound Connect” app makes it easy to connect your Bluesound® music system to the KNX system. This not only allows the control to be fully integrated into the visualisation, but also the combination with other services or the simple control via KNX buttons is possible without any problems.

You can now control the IP8 and IP4 IP switch actuators from Rutenbeck with the attractive portfolio of KNX push-button sensors. With the right app, you can of course also control Rutenbeck products with Amazon and Google voice assistants or use web services such as IFTTT.

Connect your Denon® HEOS devices to the KNX or EnOcean world! Via WLAN you can enjoy the top sound from Denon® in all rooms. All HEOS devices can also be integrated into scenes with extensive functions. HEOS is a high-quality wireless music system with support for many streaming services and local network streaming.

Up to 50 SONOS® components: “PLAY” enables the simple connection of your SONOS® music system to the KNX system. This not only allows the control to be fully integrated into the visualisation, but also makes it easy to combine it with other services or to control it simply via KNX push-buttons.

This is how easy it is

In minutes to your IoT visualisation

➀ Launch Smart Screens

After installing “Smart Screens” on your mobile device, launch the app as usual from your Home Screen. Smart Screens then guides you to your first IoT control in just a few steps.


«Smart Screens» will automatically find all APPMODULEs available on your network. Select the desired device if several are available. If you wish, you can even combine the functions of several APPMODULEs.

➂ Select Smart Home Apps and Features

After opening «Smart Screens», you will see all your configured Smart Home Apps of the APPMODULE. Now select an app and a device to control. For example, a Philips Hue light.

Each device automatically provides the controls for its most important functions. Simply add more devices and functions to your «Smart Screen». Smart is that simple.

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