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Secure remote access with the HOOC Plug & Play VPN

Discover now our new Plug & Play VPN solutions for secure remote access without port forwarding and fixed IP addresses

Power on. Log in. Get started. Here’s how easy remote access works with the EIBPORT V3:

The integrated VPN solution eliminates the need to purchase and install costly additional hardware. The HOOC CONNECT E Gateway in the EIBPORT V3 connects to the HOOC Cloud via an encrypted and secured VPN connection. It forms the heart of the HOOC VPN solution and offers a comprehensive user administration as well as many additional features such as a KNX bus monitor or alarm messages with push function.

No complex router configuration

Ready to use in 10 minutes

Complicated setup steps like port farwarding, certificate management and DynDNS services are a thing of the past. Just connect your end device and the HOOC portal.

No additional hardware required

VPN gateway on board

The integrated HOOC CONNECT E gateway turns the EIBPORT V3 into a full VPN solution. This saves time, costs and space in the distribution board.

Visualisation, remote & programming.

Ready for any task

Worldwide access to Smart Home visualisations, remote maintenance or KNX programming via the ETS – with BAB TECHNOLOGIE and HOOC this is done safely and easily.

All highlights at a glance

Verified data security

Your data is protected according to Swiss security standards. Strict security audits by “InfoGuard” ensure high availability and secure data transmission.

Secure remote access

Secure remote access to all visualizations (CUBEVISION 2, CONTROL L, etc.). For example with smartphones or tablets.

Secure remote maintenance

Secure remote maintenance, remote programming and diagnosis of KNX installations. With the concierge function, users grant access to the installation at the push of a (KNX) button for the installer.

Secure remote programming

Uninterrupted and data secure programming with ETS5 software, even with slow internet connections.

256 bit AES encryption

Every transmission is encrypted. This way, all data remains protected. The connection is realized with 256-bit strong AES encryption with SHA signing.


Even with IPv6 Dual Stack Lite- (e. g. e.g. at Unitymedia), LTE or UMTS connections, the connection to your object is possible at any time.

No router configuration

Complicated setup steps like port forwarding, certificate management and DynDNS services are a thing of the past. Simply connect your end device to the HOOC portal.

No additional hardware

The HOOC CONNECT E gateway is available via a free update for all EIBPORT V3. This eliminates the need to install a separate gateway for data secure remote access.

This is how easy it works

Just four steps to your goal. Activate remote access to your smart home.

License packages

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Stay connected to your home with our Lifetime packages. No matter where it is. With no recurring charges.


Don’t miss out on this great offer and order our premium license for unlimited remote access right here.


Our Lifetime Professional license offers professionals many additional functions for KNX monitoring, as well as intelligent alarm rules, in addition to remote access.

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