The analysis tool for KNX.

DATAWAREHOUSE 2.0 is additional software for the EIBPORT and runs as a Java-based program under Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Analyse consumption and optimise KNX configurations based on the data provided. The implemented export function in CSV or Excel formats allows you to process data in a particularly flexible way.


DATAWAREHOUSE 2.0 is now available free of charge. Install the software on your Windows, MAC or Linux PC and request a free license. Note: Java required. To unlock the free DATAWAREHOUSE 2.0 software a license is required. Please send us the serial number of your EIBPORT.

Test online now: Virtual EIBPORT

Use our new virtual EIBPORT. Simply make a reservation, call up “BAB STARTER” via the free application, register and get started immediately. Get familiar with the LOGIKEDITOR, CUBEVISION, CONTROL L, as well as the visualisation editor, present visualisation examples, or optionally use the virtual EIBPORT for comfortable, location- and system-independent project engineering.
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